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Can’t go forward if you don’t know where you’ve been.

Today, Morivanism gets a reboot. I’m ready to get back to this, and give reviewing a serious chance. As we speak, I am rendering a new video based on an old review, and I intend to go out for That Guy With The Glasses with a vengeance. You might have noticed I’ve removed all of the old posts. That’s because pretty much all of them were crap. However, I did not delete the corresponding videos, but they are still available on Blip.Tv/Morivanism. They, however, will never be posted here. I’ll be revisiting a few of them, but from here on out, they’ll be separate from the current work I’m doing.

In deciding that it was time to restart the Morivanism page, I’ve scrapped most of the old projects, in favor of reworking them from the ground up, including my reviews and the Forever Famicom cartoons, which I still intend to finish. As it stands, the reviews, I can do. The FF videos are still on hold, as the computer on which I can make reviews can only barely handle the editing software with normal use. The Forever Famicom cartoons require a LOT of really weird, taxing use of the program, and it begins to chug, fast.I can’t say when I’ll be able to fix it, merely that I intend to once money is available for a new system on which to work.

It’s been nearly a year since I last used this page, or accessed my blip.tv account, and I was thankful to find both work just fine, albeit both have updated themselves dramatically. I feel it necessary to do what I can to acclimate myself to the changes as best I can and as quickly as possible. Shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m going to ask for at least a week on that front, just so I can really figure out what I’m doing with all these shiny new buttons and levers, especially on blip.

In the mean time, look for a new video to be posted tonight on here, and then tomorrow on YouTube will be a 2part version of the same video, as well as a commentary track exclusive to Blip. Hope you’re all interested to hear that.


See ya.


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